The Therapeutic Properties of Cannabis

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of self care on a regular day, but even more so during a time when there are incredible levels of stress and anxiety affecting our communities on a consistent basis. Many people are turning to Cannabis and Cannabis products to combat their increasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression, but the concept of Cannabis as self care is by no means a new one. Medical cannabis research has been a field of study for centuries, and we ourselves have been committed to combining the knowledge from these studies, with our own extensive experience, to provide care and relief through always-developing wellness products for healthier living. 

As our collective understanding of the plant’s special effect on the human body has grown, we’ve learned that a primary reason for Cannabis’ versatile range as a medicinal tool is its ability to match and bind to human receptors. The plant contains cannabinoids that bind to receptors in the human endocannabinoid system; namely Cannabis Receptor 1 (CB1) and Cannabis Receptor 2 (CB2). The human endocannabinoid system - like our cardiovascular system, immune system, respiratory system, and reproductive system - is a vital physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. So how does the plant bind to this system’s receptors and provide much needed relief? Here are three (3) therapeutic properties of Cannabis that make it such a worthwhile addition to a health and wellness routine:

  1. It’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Which means it works to block pain signals and alleviate pain, returning the body to a state of internal, physical and chemical equilibrium. Our Pain & Inflammation Salve is an herbal salve that provides this relief effectively helping manage pain and inflammation, particularly for joints and muscles. Being a product created from natural sources, containing no artificial colour, chemicals or additives, it’s a holistic wellness product specially crafted to work in tandem with the endocannabinoid system and provide essential physical relief that also improves general well-being. Many Cannabis products include palm oil; the non-organic cultivation of which means these more natural options serve the body in much healthier ways. 

     2.  CBD is good for the mind and body

Numerous studies have explored the therapeutic potential of CBD against psychological conditions such as anxiety, showing results that indicate anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. A 2019 study in Japan observed the use of CBD in teenagers with diagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder, and reported generally positive results. It’s really important to note though, that anti-anxiety properties of CBD are not guaranteed across the board, as each and everybody - and their bodies - are different. CBD may alleviate some symptoms in some that it doesn't in others. That’s why we stay determined to produce holistic products of all kinds that can be beneficial to all ages and wellness needs, targeting the whole body to allow the benefits of CBD to be enjoyed even without a medical reason. 

   3. Sleep Improvement 

Medical studies including randomized, controlled clinical trials have shown that CBD usage may have positive impacts in insomnia in patients. In addition to the abilities of CBD and THC to reduce physical ailments that lead to reduced or low quality sleep, thereby eliminating the causes for insomniatic habits, they also actively increase the duration of sleep. CBD’s non-psychoactive properties mean it's pretty possible to relax with Cannabis without the altered cognitive-state that comes from consuming THC, and sometimes, a good restful destressing is all we need. 

Our Herbal Bath Soak and Cup of Calm Herbal Tea are great inclusions for a Compliant Cannabis Wellness Routine, stimulating circulation, detoxifying the body and relaxing the mind. Our priority is helping others truly live their best, healthy lives, and providing holistic products that encourage wellness through the healing potential of Cannabis in holistic medicine allows us to continue to educate, and we look forward to keep doing so.