Bath Soak

Bath Soak

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This high quaility Himalayan bath soak containing 84 trace minerals helps to detoxify the body by assiting in pulling toxins out.
Relaxes & destress the mind and body, eases aches & pains, improves circulation, helps to clear sinuses.
Excellent for restful sleep.

Ready to infuse charcoal and fennel Himalayan bath soak. -just add cannabis oil

Top 10 reasons to have a Himalayan salt bath
1. Relax & De-Stress
2. Get Mineralized
3. Detoxify Your Body
4. Ease Your Aches & Pains
5. Sleep Like a Baby
6. Deep Clean Your Skin
7. Stimulate Circulation
8. Clear Your Sinuses & Experience Respiratory Relief
9. Beat Bloating
10. Soothe Bites & Blisters

made in hamilton by EKS